Çağla Daş

After getting into bussiness and after feeling the deficiency in her architectural projects; Çağla Daş founded Archive in 2012; which stored all the product range in design, furniture, accessories and ligthing in detail, and which feels the pulse of the market. Having started working with several local and international designers and brands, Çağla Daş not only created a global platform; and involved in product design as well. Adopting the understanding of ‘easy accessible design’ and without compremising its quality; she started designing her own products and bringing something out. By presenting  those products under the name Archive, Çağla Daş brought her brand up to global points and built up the Archive family with the products that is created by herself. As the founder of Archive and with her identity of Designer/ Interior Architecture ;she is working day and night with her team in the sense of moving the brand and the design view up in Turkey.